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Going "green" in our everyday lives is all the rage these days. From CFL bulbs to organic cotton T-shirts, it seems everyone has some skin in the eco-game. Your family - and in particular your home - should be no different. Below are 15 easy do-it-yourself projects.  more>


Most garden and landscape plants need constant moisture in the soil for healthy growth, and flowering plants especially need water to produce abundant blooms. Water thoroughly after planting, then supplement rainfall with slow, deep soakings rather than shallow sprinklings. Ace Hardware has a great selection of watering supplies including soaker hoses.  more>


Follow these great tips to keep your home safe and save $$ & time!

Have you ever changed your Carbon Monoxide Detector? Ace Hardware recommends replacing your Carbon Monoxide Detector every 5 years.  more>


Want to have that great finish on your freshly painted walls? Try Ace Sensations paint in SATIN or Flat finishes-it's paint with Scotchgard so smudges & fingerprints wash off easily with soap & water, and keeps it's original appearance after its been cleaned. If you're spray-painting, be sure to start painting the surface nearest you with a smooth stroke, & work your way toward the opposite end of the piece.  more>


Ready for a few quick Projects to spruce up your home?  more>