Paint Tips

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Want to have that great finish on your freshly painted walls?
Try Ace Sensations paint in SATIN or Flat finishes-it's paint with Scotchgard so smudges & fingerprints wash off easily with soap & water, and keeps it's original appearance after its been cleaned. If you're spray-painting, be sure to start painting the surface nearest you with a smooth stroke, & work your way toward the opposite end of the piece.

You'll notice that 'overspray' settles ahead of you, which is good because you can cover it up as you go. If you were to paint in reverse, the 'overspray' would settle on your smooth finish, leaving a pebbly texture.


For a great selection of spray paints, see the Ace Hardware on the Redlands Paint department! Marked-up, scuffed walls? Spray WD-40 on the scuffs, or marks & wipe them away with a damp sponge. WD-40 brings the walls back to their former pristine state.


If you plan to hang pictures in their same location after painting a room, stick toothpicks into the nail holes so the hole doesn't seal shut with paint. Leave the toothpicks protruding about 1/8 inch so you can roll right over them. After painting, just pull the toothpicks, put in nails, & the pictures return exactly where they were.